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Vehicle Rent To Own

Need a car we can put you back on the road in no time!!!

Your current vehicle about to be repossessed/already repossessed, we can buy you a vehicle. Our vehicle product is 100%  similar as per any normal vehicle finance from any of the major banks.

The Process:

We do not take poor credit records into account for financing a vehicle.

The following is the only criteria that we will apply:

  • You must prove affordability
  • A 20% deposit is required
  • Repayment term between 48-60 months
  • We apply the normal National Credit Act criteria, Income less Living expenses, less your commitments to Creditors
  • If you can afford a vehicle, we will buy you a vehicle for the amount you can afford, purely based on your specification. Bottom line we will buy any car as long as you can afford it. Try us, we need a Bugatti on the fleet!
  • Maintenance, services, annual license fee and other costs for the clients account. This will become your vehicle. You can settle the contract at any time, sell it as per normal finance. (Terms and Conditions Apply)